Monday, 26 February 2018

New Stamps for That's Crafty!

Hi everyone,

I'm really thrilled to announce that I have another 2 set of stamps released today from That's Crafty! and one of them is based on my Fred ;)

I thought I'd make this card as it's freeeeeeeezing here today! The cat, hat and fishbone are all from one of the new sets. The sentiment and ice float are from Rubber Dance.

So back to the new stamp sets and I'll let Fred and his lovely assistant Saffie tell you all about them:

Oooh my designs look just like I told Mum to draw them for me

Come on ladies you really do need this stamp set of me and my friends in your life

Really? You've left me to model the dog stamps.......whoopee.....

Okay okay I'll try to look a bit happier but it will cost you big time in treats you know

So you think you're a superstar then do you because of your stamps.....well I'll soon bring you back down with a bump!!!

Hmmmm thank you so much to my lovely assistants for their 'help' although as you can see it went a bit wrong at the end as it always seems to with those two!

The stamps are now available for the cat set here  and the dog set here .

Hope you like them
Donna x


  1. These are cool and the cats are beautiful. But then they know that already LOL. Hugz

  2. Adorable stamp sets, Donna! You have a wonderfully creative mind to create these really cute pets and their nemeses. And the real kitties are fabulous. Poor Saffie stuck with dog modeling...*snicker*. So funny, Fred getting his comeuppance over his inflated ego being the star of the stamp creation. I’ll be Saffie walked away quite satisfied. LOL. Fun post sweet girl!

  3. Donna, making me smile again sweet lady,- those two are irresistible , what did you think to let Saffie left alone with the doggies ... no wonder Fred got his punishment after , lol.
    And your icy creation , just beats the day here, we had snow for at least 6 hours in a row, now with the sun so beautiful, but I can see poor Fred had very icy paws there. Wonderful my lovely lady !!CONGRATULATIONS - and hugs to you - Dorthe- xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Just when I was set to order Cara you go and do this.....Sorry, she will have to wait......I need this set! Not taking her off my list just moved her back down a bit!!! LoVe this card! Hugs,Chrisx

  5. Your new stamp sets are amazing and so is your fantastic first sample card! WOW!!!
    With those wonderful inspiring assistants nothing can go wrong! What a fabulous presentation of the new stamp release!
    I am sure the new plates will boom !
    Big congrats Donna! Fantastic work!!!
    oxo Susi

  6. They really are the cutest Donna and I've been lucky to receive a set to work with Yay..!!
    I can see exactly why Fred is such a big influence, they both have the sweetest of characters..
    Good Luck with the new releases.. Hugs Tracey xx

  7. LOL.. great post! Loved seeing the fluffies modelling your gorgeous new stamps! So fun! Xxx

  8. Brilliant post Donna - love your stamps modelled so well by your fabulous furry assistants.
    I was going to say that Freds stamps were my favourite but I've sat looking at both sets and I can imagine how well they would work together a wonderful quirky way :)
    Gill xxx

  9. I had a big smile reading your post! Your cats are so cute! And wow.. their own stamps... even if one of them got transformed into a dog. He'll get over it... LOVE your sets,Donna!

  10. Oh Donna I really did laugh out loud at Saffies expression with the dog stamps! I don't think there are enough treats in the world to repay her. I love your new stamps and can't wait to add them the my cat collection. Have a very happy March, Sue xx


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