Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Meet Freddy Schnuffles

Hello Humans,

While my Mummy is occupied clearing up all the mess I've apparently made, I thought I'd pop on here and say hello.

My Mummy says that everyone is lovely in blog land and that they might like to see me. Oh and I'm apparently the reason why my Mummy is behind on commenting on peoples' blogs and stuff.......I've got the feeling I'm going to be blamed for a lot of things!!

I'm called Fred for short although I'm sure I'm being called other names too.......I need to look up some of the meanings of them.
I'm a 13 week old cream coloured Ragdoll and I have a beautiful big sis who you may already know called Saffie but she doesn't like me very much.....I like her but she's a bit moody I think. I'm hoping she'll fall for my charms soon enough though.....it works on Mummy a treat ;)

Here's some pictures of me, I don't think they show the best side of me but Mummy said that I wouldn't stay still long enough......see what I mean about getting the blame again tut tut.

I love Mummy's iPad......that's why she can't blog anymore

Hello ladies, want a furry little kiss?

Yay my Christmas pressie was opened early

My big sis has a pink one but mine is better!

What are you doing with the camera now woman??

I like to bite human feet especially at feeding time

Getting bored of this picture taking stuff now, how many do you need?

Ready for my close up, not bad huh ;)

Before I go, Mummy wants me to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a big thanks for all the comments and to the lovely people that have bought her stamps. She's taking a little break (apart from scheduled) posts from now as I need her full attention 24/7.....that's what I've told her anyway hee hee

Fred xxx


  1. Awwwwwwww!!! Fred, consider my heart officially melted! I would never want to blog either if I had you to play with. Hope your big sis comes around soon, Cricket is still waiting for Elliot to though, lol. Love all the photos Donna, what a handsome little man he is. His expression on your iPad cracks me up!
    Hugs, Lynne x

  2. Fred is such a little cutie Donna and I hope Saffie gets used to him soon as he deserves some love and hugs.
    Fliss xx

  3. Fred, you really are rather handsome... I'm sure Saffie will come to love you. And I can now see where your Mummy got the inspiration for the colouring on the (not as handsome as you) cat over at That's Crafty which I've just been admiring. Please wish her merry Christmas from me, and the same to all of you.
    Alison x

  4. Awe aren't you adorable Fred and I'm sure your big sister will like to play with you soon.
    Have a lovely Christmas Donna.
    Hugs, Julie x

  5. Ohhhhh ... isn't he lovable!!! Saffie will get used to him! Donna ... you are so creative and you did such a lovely card on him! Hope he and Saffie will get on like a house on fire! I think that's the expression? You know I'm a Dutchie... so if I say things a bit wrong ... pardon me! :)

  6. LoL...Freddy is adorable. We had an older model of him that was a her. We called her Stickers as we lived on a farm at the time and she was always full of stickers. I was the only one she would let get them out of her fur. Wasn't I the lucky one! Have fun and Merry Christmas!

  7. Hello there, Furry Friend Fred! So nice to meet you here in blog land! You'd better get used to that camera, 'cos you are so incredibly adorable that your Mummy will want to take many photos of you, all the time! Your big sister will learn to love you, just be patient .... not your strongest suit, I s'pose? ;-)
    Love the Christmas card your Mummy made of you. I wish her and you, and the other humans and furry friends a very Happy Christmas! ♥

  8. Oh my gosh - he is charming ! What a lovely boy!
    Wishing that his sis likes him soon - it will take time I can imagine.lol!
    Wishing you Happy Holidays Donna!
    Enjoy a kitty christmas time with your lovely cats and family!

  9. Oh my he is soooooooooooooooooo cute! Wishing you the happiest of holidays and all the best voor a fabulous, healthy and happy 2017!

  10. aww you are so adorable Fred - I'm sure that you will soon charm your way into your lovely sisters heart and she will adore you also.
    Hope Christmas in your house is full of furry fun (and the humans have some nice treats for you and Saffie) xxxx

  11. Oh Fred! I am sure you would never be called anything other than your proper name! I can see why your mummy has been taken with you as you are so handsome! Wish your mummy a Very Happy Christmas from me! I am sure that Saffie will be playing along with you very soon - I am sure Santa will bring you some treats to share! Hugs, Chrisx


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