Saturday, 4 March 2017

That's Crafty! - Kissing Booth

Hi everyone,

Well, well, well, what ever could this mean?! You'll just have to pop on over to here to see what it's all about ;)

Hope you like it
Donna x


  1. Even with free kisses Grumpy is gonna be a hard sell. He's just doesn't have that inviting personality. But look, a tie and everything. It's not for the lack of trying. LoL. He's sure got a cute setup though. Donna, this is fun and whimsical. Love your line of thinking with this adorable grumpy cat.

  2. So funny! So I woke up to a broken cat flap.... The Perspex is snapped in half and a hole in my wall! No wonder Frankie decided she should keep trying to wake me up in the night. Off to Argos..... Xxx

  3. Ok so the kissing booth got me intrigued but what a great start to Saturday morning to find out what it really was. Love your cute shrine Donna, such fun xxx

  4. Your super cute shrine made my morning Donna!
    Happy weekend!

  5. This is fantastic

  6. Haha, your creations with grumpy cat always make me smile! You have such great ideas for him and this one is fabulous!! I have a feeling he did't get many kisses yet.

  7. I LMBO looking at the expression on your grumpy cats'face. Brilliant. I am wondering if he has been kissed yet:)

  8. aww poor Grumpy cat - I wonder what happened?
    This really made me smile Donna ... fantastic piece and fabulous fun.
    Have a great week
    Gill xx

  9. I smell mischief afoot... Off to find out who's in the booth!
    Alison x