Saturday, 26 August 2017

That's Crafty! - Amazing Autumn

Hi everyone,

I'm over here today with a Autumn inspired project.....well it is very nearly Autumn isn't it ;)

Hope you like it
Donna x


  1. It's lovely Donna! Those toadstools are en very nice focal point and I love the shine on them and on the berries!

  2. I love this unique wreath. Great color choices. The leaves look gorgeous and the berries look so pretty! This is NOT a cat toy. Sometimes they refuse to learn.

  3. Well , it soon is Donna, but your wonderful wreath could be lovely, hanging somewhere , all year round . The toadstools are so beautifully painted, love them, and also your berries- going to see the whole story :-) Hugs to you and xx- Dorthe

  4. This is so pretty Donna, Summer on Monday and Autumn today lol xx

  5. That's a lovely autumnal wreath - the painty leaves look great.
    Alison x


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