Friday, 14 July 2017

Giveaway Winners - Redraw

Hi everyone,

Sue, who was one of the lucky winners yesterday, has asked me to put her set of stamps back into the pot to be redrawn because as she's a member of the Rubber Dance team (the maker of the stamps) she wanted someone else to get a chance of having them. What a lovely thought isn't it.

Soooooo I did another draw after taking out Sue and Gill's names and this is the new winner:

It's Kim, nicely modelled here by Saffie as she refused to take part in the fiasco yesterday she can get her 15 minutes of fame today instead!!

Kim can you contact me with your address please?

Gill I've already heard from you so yours are on their way for tomorrow hopefully.

PHEW I need a lie down now....too  much excitement in the one day!!!!

Donna x

1 comment:

  1. Many congrats to Kim being picked and another thank you from me - thank you xx