Thursday, 13 July 2017

Giveaway Winners...YAY

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all okay out there and are sitting waiting with baited breath to see who the two winners of my Rubber Dance Whimsical Summer stamp set are

So because I'm stupid fair minded I decided that Fred and Saffie deserved another chance at picking the winner, they assured me that after the fiasco of last time they couldn't really do any worse......hmm....shall we see?!

Yay food at last I'm starving

Oh not this rubbish game again

Wonder if it is food though?

Shall I get Saffie to try it first then, just in case?

Or I can just lay here and look fabulous

Bored of looking fab now actually

What HAS she put in here anyway?!

Shall I knock the bowl around the room, that'll teach her

I give up, let's try this yummy food then

AAAARRRGGHHHH not tuna tasting at all!!!

At this point, Mum (aka me) had to step in as Fred was trying to eat the paper....I should've known really as he has a thing about paper!!

After I retrieved it I did the old fashioned method of putting my hand in and pulled out the two lucky winners:

Sue and Gill could you please contact me and let me know your addresses please? Don't worry, I will not be sending Fred in the envelope too ;)

Oh and apparently as Fred was sooooo helpful I was treated to a little modelling session...sometimes there are no words!!!

Yeah baby...I'm the MAN

Don't worry if you're not a winner this time as watch this space as there be more opportunities for you to win after Fred mucks up another draw in the future!!

Donna x


  1. Congratulations to the lucky ladies and love the pics of fred. He looks rather cheeky and chilled.
    Fliss xx

  2. LOL! Your winner picking photo series are always so funny!!! And Fred is so adorable, my goodness what a beautiful cat! Anymeow - my BIG congrats to the very lucky winners!! ♥ I love that stamp set and can't stop using them! :-)

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners, and thank you for showing your Fred , he is such a beautiful cat, and reminds me about our Pytte , now dead long time ago. Xxx

  4. Ha ha, he's handsome and he knows it, now where are the cat treats.... Congratulations to the lucky winners xx

  5. Congrats to the lucky winners. It's worth dropping in just for the feline action. Very funny and no help at all. But he does a good job looking gorgeous. Hugz

  6. Chuffed to bits to have had my name chosen for one of your fantastic kits Donna - thank you x
    Ahhh bless - Fred did try ha ha and if he does turn up by mistake in an envelope we have plenty of salmon to feed him or does he prefer caviar :)
    Gill xx

  7. I came over to check out some of your recent gorgeous creations Donna and Fred just stopped me. I am in love with this beautiful boy! He's gorgeous and beautiful, if I can call a male cat that, lol! Beautiful boy I'll send you tuna if your mum doesn't, yes like I believe your mum doesn't spoil you and Saffie rotten, lovely boy xx


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