Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wishing you all an Inky Christmas and a Quirky 2015

Hello everyone,

I've only been blogging since April this year but I have been bowled over by how kind and generous all you lovely crafters are out there. I have made some brilliant friendships and I am definitely meeting one lovely lady next year and hope to meet some others too.

Thank you all for your comments throughout the year,I read every single one of them and find them inspiring. If you ever have any advice or questions,please don't hesitate to ever mention it to me ;)

So,just for all of you wonderful followers,droppers in and nosy peeps out there....here is your very own Christmas card...quirky style of course.....

Come on,you have got to love grumpy koala with a tree stuck up his miserable bottom!!! By the way,this in no way reflects my views on Christmas......I have craft supplies to open Christmas morning ;))

Wonderful Christmas everyone and see you all in 2015 (or sooner probably knowing me)

Big Hugs
Donna xxxx


  1. So funny... I love your card Donna!
    Verry Merry Inky Christmas to you too!

  2. Ouch ouch said the Koala, how did I get here and who put that damn pearl on my head? What am I wearing, red? Red? Huh looks like she put me in my Christmas onesy again. Humbug.
    Happy Christmas Donna! Nikki xx

  3. And a very happy Christmas to you to! Can't wait for March!
    Amanda x

  4. Have a wonderful christmas; enjoy the special days. And your new craft supplies :)
    I love this card; it made me laugh and I am so happy that I found your blog. You are amazingly talented!

  5. Grumpy Koala no more Donna, it was such a surprise to see him dressed in a onesie that as he was placed on top of the tree the shock made snot came out of his nose & because of the cold it has set just like a perfect jewel...

    Merry Christmas to you too Lovely Lady & we need to see your new crafty supplies & the smiles they will being very soon.

    Big Hugz
    Mo:-) xxx

  6. hahaha.....he's nice and properly decorating the tree all by himself. He don't need no other stinkin' ornies helping him decorate! So cute and funny. Merry Christmas Donna!

  7. Brilliant quirky card, it can't fail to bring a smile to your face! Love it.
    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

  8. Lol! How funny! :)
    It was a special ear indeed! I met Inky! :)
    Hope you're enjoying the festivities and I look seeing more of your gorgeous makes in 2015! Big festive hugs!
    Inka xx

  9. Loved the way you have used the dies to create such pretty tags. Thanks for the entry in the cherry lynn challenge. Best of luck

  10. Quirkily fabulous! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful 12 Days!
    Alison xx

  11. Another wonderful card that makes me smile! Thanks Donna, and Thank you for the wonderful Christmas wishes you left me while I was away. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did, but I admit it's great to be back to my craft room! Here's to another fabulous year full of crafts and fun! see you again soon, big new year hugs :)

  12. Hi Donna a bit late, love your card, it is such fun lol. Hope you had a fab Christmas and Happy New Year xx

  13. Very cute card, Donna! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a very happy New Year from your newest follower. :)

  14. I may be late picking up my Christmas card, Donna but it still made me laugh this morning! Koala is adorable in his patterned papers jammies. I absolutely love your ability to insert humor into almost any art project. I definitely look forward to visiting your blog! Happy New Year to you, my dear friend.

  15. Hello Miss Quirky Donna, I do love the grumpy Kuala, I love your Quirky creativity too, it always makes me smile and your right the crafting community is one of the most giving loving places to be in, your a wonderful addition to the creative circle, you fight right in sweet Lady, all the best in the New Year, thanks for always visiting my nest and leaving your lovely comments, ((( BIG HUGS )))..

  16. Brilliant Donna, Grumpy Koala looks fab here! I hope you had a fab Christmas, and a very Happy New Year to your all xx


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