Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sunday Sketches-Cat Girl

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all okay out there.

I missed last Sunday as I had my post for MMW scheduled and I never like to post twice in the one day. Is it me or is blogland  soooooo quiet at the moment? I suppose people losing followers didn't help but it does seem really extra quiet out there lately :/

The cat I drew is how my fluffy, little darling has been been behaving for the last few reason just naughtiness seems to be fun ;)

Cartridge paper, Polychromos pencils.

Hope you like it
Donna x


  1. Haha, seems like he's having fun! love your drawing!
    I have lost more then 12 followers and I agree it seems more quiet in blogland.

  2. A lovely drawing Donna!
    Is it really so quiet in blogland?
    I didn't notice it yet. Maybe all the folk is on facebook nowadays?!

    Happy Sunday Donna!

  3. You made me chuckle with the perfect kitty "naughtiness" that you captured in your illustration. I love the big green eyes and glamorous feel of your portrait. Blessings!

  4. Lovely sketch, pretty lady and a lively kitty!

  5. Expressive eyes on the kitty and the girl ~ lovely illustration!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  6. Love the hair Donna such a great colour. Fab piece. yes I think it is quiet around here lately too
    x catherine

  7. your cat girl and her red hair. I LOVE red hair. Lovely job, Donna and glad to have you back. :)

  8. Aww, very sweet drawing, and the red hair is so fun!

  9. The girl's eyes pull you in xx

  10. HAHA I can just imagine you sitting at your desk, with your kitty perched up on the back of your neck! Aren't animals just a hoot!! Beautiful portrait Donna, her hair is amazing! hugs :)

  11. You certainly have a talent for drawing faces, Donna, and this is another perfect example. The addition of the furry headpiece is just perfect!

  12. I so miss having cats. I love this drawing for its memories it brings back. So true with cats.

  13. Oh wow, she is gorgeous! The cat is super-cute too :)
    Always love hearing about your princess.
    Hugs, Lynne x

  14. I enjoyed going through your blog posts. I especially liked your stamped carving. I do a lot of linoleum stamps and mixed media as well. I recently joined Sunday Sketches and have an art/exploring blog at

  15. Wow this is just gorgeous Donna, I do envy you being able to draw as you

  16. I am always so drawn to the eyes in your beautiful sketches Donna. This is fab.
    Julie x

  17. A great sketch Donna, I love the eyes on both the cat and girl... the hair is great too.
    Maybe there's something in the air because my pup has been acting very strangely lately too... I was putting it down to perhaps spring coming to call, although I think that's wishful thinking, as we had snow again today!

  18. Love your girl and cat Donna fab drawing and colouring skills. Funny you should say about loosing followers I have lost several over the last few weeks. Wondered what was going on? I think more people comment on Facebook now too. Well you won't lose me lovely! I might not always comment but that's about limited time. Hugs Debs xx


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