Sunday, 28 May 2017

Competition winners

Hi everyone,

Well we now have 3 lucky winners of my new designs for Rubber Dance although the draw didn't quite go according to plan as you'll see from the following photos....never work with kids and animals they say for a very good reason!!!

yay we're getting some serious treats!

what the heck is this?!

Fred, come quickly, something is not right

Oooh this doesn't look good 

Hey Saff I can see right through your ear

shall we try to eat this?

it's just not doing it for me

it might look better from this angle though

Nope not doing it for me either

I'm going in a minute...

Ah she's put real treats in there now

Hey don't forget to share Miss Greedy

Wow there'll be none left!

Didn't want any anyway....stupid game

Here's the winners....picked by human hand!!

So as you can see it don't go according to plan so I had to put my own paw/hand in, swirl the paper around and pick out the winners myself. Even hiding treats in the bowl didn't tempt them....they're now officially sacked from name picking duties in the future.

Gail (Iona Bunny)

Congrats to you all and I think the best way to do this is that I'll PM you via FB to get your details as that'll be quicker I think.

Please share what you've created with the stamps too, I'd love to see ;)

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments on my stamps and I'm sure there'll be more chances in the future to enter once again :)

Have a nice weekend
Donna x


  1. OMG, that's so funny!! Your cats are too cool. Congrats to the lucky winners and thanks so much for picking me as one of them. Hugz

  2. I think it's a case of double trouble now with the two of them lol. I am over the moon to have been chosen as a winner. Thanks so much and congrats to Gail and Susi too.
    Julie xx

  3. Haaa haaaa.. Donna that's so funny, nearly spat my break time coffee out :)) Well done to the Lucky winners you are all in for a treat... unlike Donna's poor cats who were not fooled by Donna's lack of any treats in their bowl.. xx

  4. What????? ME??????????????????????? Yeahhhhh!!!!
    I am more than happy!
    Poor cats ----- !!!!

  5. LOL! Your cat photos are so funny!!! Adorable kitties ♥
    My big congratulations to the lucky winners! xx

  6. Lol Donna! Love your cats but heh I can't get mine to do what I want either. Congrats to your winners! Xxx

  7. Hahaha ... those ears ars so expressive!! Great photo's! And congrats to the winners!

  8. So cute Donna, they are both gorgeous. Congratulations to the winners xxx


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