Monday, 4 August 2014

Creative Blog Tour

Hi everyone,

Something a little different for you all to enjoy today. Warning,this is a long post,so go grab a tea,coffee,cocktail ( maybe all 3) and relax!

As we all know,there are so many talented and wonderful artists out there in blogland and what better way to spread the arty love then to create a rather wonderful creative blog tour to showcase some of them and then pass it on.

When the lovely and mega talented Jan from Jans Arty Junk first asked me if I wanted to join in I was really flattered that she would think of me and of course said yes.....then worried about it all after!!


Jan's Blog

Jan really does create the most wonderful,shabby and vintage creations.....second only to the master of grunge himself! Her attention to detail is stunning and you can just gaze at her creations all day long wondering how she has created them and she is also a dab hand with her knitting needles as well! Pop along to Jan's little piece of blog heaven to see her creative blog tour post here and while you are there, feast your eyes on all the eye candy :)

As part of the blog tour,we were given a list of four questions to answer so people could get to know a little more about other creative bloggers.

What am I working on

Well, I am afraid at this point it would be nice to show you a craft room the size of a craft shop that I create in but I haven't got one,sadly. My work is done at the kitchen table and the kitchen is undergoing an abandoned revamp so I have taken some pictures of a few things outside. I do have a rather lovely summerhouse but to be honest its far to hot to use in this weather....more like a sauna room!Apologies for the glare,a sunny day out there.

Loads of background tags just patiently waiting to be finished

Some greyboard,stuck for more ideas on these!

And of course,a lovely new block of stamp carving to be done

How does my work differ from other of its genre?

Difficult to say really. We all have our own style and to be honest we probably might say we haven't but then somebody could point out things we haven't noticed that we do in our work all the time. As I haven't been doing this mixed media long,I am still learning a lot and finding new styles I like all the time. I would like to think though that any style I may have is very varied, I love all colours and mediums. If you pushed me for an answer,I would say I do love the steampunk/grungy style but I certainly do not stick to just making that. There is too much out there and so much fun to be had just experimenting :)

Why do I write/create what I do?

Hmmm another hard question,who wrote these?! I suppose its a relaxation thing and a way to express yourself. I need to create arty things now or else I feel there's something missing somewhere. I have always been ' arty', I used to do a lot of drawing and used to make a load of stuff out of FIMO. As I am typing this up now I am just dying to get it finished so I can go create!!!

How does your writing/creating process work?

Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to achieve so its just a case of gathering all my supplies together and creating. Most times I just sit at the table and think of a colour scheme and then just take it from there. I have noticed though that sometimes you can make a load of things and other times you can just sit there blankly and nothing will come into your head.Also,I know I am not the only one on this, but how comes you can't think of anything all day but as soon as you go to bed.....wide awake and a million and one crafty ideas pop straight into your head!

Well,I hope you are all still awake after all that and not thinking to yourselves what is this woman rambling on about :)

Now, I would love you to meet 2 rather fantastic ladies who make the most wonderful art too,please pop along to their blogs and see why I love their work so much.



I totally adore Ingrid's work as its so colourful and always presented in such a happy,positive way. She loves to experiment and is always generous when she finds something new,she's loves to share it so we can all try it. She uses a wide variety of styles and techniques so there is something for everyone there to enjoy. Ingrid not only is very talented but also a lovely,warm person who has become a friend too. I think she is set to become a superstar in the crafting world so keep an eye on her :)




Susi creates some wonderful work. Her use of colours are so vibrant and alive,she does some fantastic free hand drawings too. She has such a sense of fun that shines right through her art,I get so excited when I see a new new post from her as I know we are going to be in for a treat. Her flowers are just stunning and I am always inspired by her, her blog is the place to go if your mojo has gone as Susi will get it back for you. Susi too has become a good friend :)

If you don't already follow these 2 fantastic ladies,please pop along and have a peek at what they are creating,you won't believe your eyes!

Cor,I now feel like a teacher writing school reports on 2 school kids....hope their families don't come and tell me off lol

Oh,before I go,I apologise if the formatting is not great. I tried to get the photos to link directly to the blogs but failed to do it,read various instructions if anyone out there can teach a complete numpty like me anything about blogger please get in touch.

Hope all this makes sense.....if not blame my cat :)

Donna x


  1. Great to read about your process, Donna - I agree, they're fiendish questions!
    Alison xx

  2. Hi Donna! What a great post!! Great job with answering the questions! Well done! Your writing is brilliant, I so enjoy reading your posts!
    Thank you for speaking of me fondly, it is muh appreciated and totally mutual! ;)
    I'm already looking forward I seeing the backgrounds finished! I love your art!
    More carved stamps to look forward to too! I'm in for a real treat there! Have fun!
    Take care, Lovely! Speak soon!
    Ingrid xx

  3. Great to read more about you and how you think about your art and creativity!
    It's a honour to me to be choosen !
    Thank you for you lovely introduction!

  4. btw... if you go to edit or are creating a post and want to link a photo to a particular website then click on the photo then click 'link' on the top editing bar then click on the photo again then click on the 'link' for the second time which will open the window where you can normally add a link, don't put any name, just copy in the link, click the 'open in a new window' and save. The 'open in a new window' will ensure that it doesn't take visitors away from your blog, but will open a new tab instead. I hope this helps ;)

  5. Those questions are tough! Well done. great choice of Susi and Ingrid. BTW those tags look amazing - cant wait to see them finished. Nikki xx

  6. You have a lovely blog and this intro to other blogs is very nice. I enjoyed reading your process, it sounds exactly like mine, the all or nothing part, ha ha! It was fun to read more about you, thanks for the inks to the other ladies too. ~Diane

  7. Great post Donna and love your selection of background tags. Thanks for sharing x

  8. What a lovely post! I for one really enjoyed reading it and getting to know more about you! I know and love Susi's work too, but I have to check out Ingrid's soon! I'm finding it really hard to catch up at the moment there is so much fabulous art out there in Blogland! Julie Ann xxx

  9. great post...I was invited too at this fun creative questionnaire. yours is called creative blog tour...and the one that I did was creative blog hop, but we have the same questions...the important is that I found you no matter post was on july 28th...
    good to know about you and what you do!

  10. Awww thanks for the kind compliments Donna....much appreciated here....and thanks again for continuing the Blog tour...You had nothing to be worried about....Fabulous was great to read a little more about you and how and why you create....and....all those background tags look LUSH!! :) ....and more carved stamps...can't wait to see what you come up with....(BTW ...can you recommend what I should buy have an attempt at carving stamps...would love to try this! )... I will be following up on your links too ;) Thanks again Hugs Jan x


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