Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Speed Craft Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today,in conjunction with these wonderful ladies: IngridPamelliaNikkiKeren,I am doing a speed craft challenge.Basically,seeing how far I can get in 10 minutes! Please pop along to the other luscious blogs to see how they all got on....probably far better then me :))

These ladies are not only uber talented but lovely to know also,thank you all for being you! A special thanks to mega talented Pamellia who designed our new logo,gorgeous isn't it.

We were allowed to gather all our supplies together first then hit the I used my beloved IPod. Now what to do....a tag or a card? Fresco paints or distress inks or sprays? Headache? Yes? Would I do it again.........YES!

Of course I couldn't take pictures as I went along for obvious reasons but my cat can vouch for the fact it was done today in 10 bribery of  fishy treats were offered to her......honest......

Its amazing how much your heart starts beating when you are under pressure....and how much aggravation you get! Like a numpty I decided to do this now.....I have included a pic of my cat because she was a complete pain this morning resulting in me giving her a sponge brush to quieten her down so I could get crafting! Considering it all, I am pleased with the outcome.

Well here it is.....TA DA






Whew,seriously worn out now but all good fun. Its amazing what you achieve in that time though and cuts out all the dithering too!

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this product.

Hope you like it and what my lovely blog buddies have produced for you all too :)

Donna x


  1. Hi Lovely! Gorgeous card! I love that background the birdie looks fab! What a time!! You smashed it girl! I totally failed to squeeze it in the 10 mins, but hey,... there's always a next time!
    I'm sorry we made changes at the last minute, all info in your emails...
    Bear hugs!
    Ingrid xxx

    1. LOL.. Only now, seeing your post the 2nd time, I noticed your capture below the photo of your cat! Lol.. Pest.. Ou are so funny, Donna! Lol xxx

  2. What a fantastic card!! Great colours and your bird is adorable! I guess I was the only one who went past the 10 minutes, five hours to be exact! What was I thinking? Ha, next time. Hugs :)

  3. Seriously great card-those stamps are so cool! Love the paint stripes and it so doesn't look like you only spent such a short time! x

  4. LOL Donna! Our poor cats suffer for our art! Great card - adorable - only 61/2 mins - WOW. I particularly like the fact you managed to have a cup to tea while you were doing it! Nikki xxxxx

  5. I love your crowned birdie Donna... a masterpiece in even UNDER 10 minutes! You are a turbocrafter!
    xxx Susi

    Once gain I have to say: ...I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL kitty!

  6. Love your ten minute wonder,just

  7. OMG Donna, What an adorable card... I have been down the trail of this and it seems like such fun... You nailed it... under 7 minutes... what a feat... Love your cute card too... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  8. This is brilliant Donna, and in under 7 minutes, it takes me that long to clear a space on my table before I start. I love how you've used the paint strokes, perfect for your chosen stamps. Obviously it was 7 minutes spent that you should have been petting your cat - you can see that by the look on her face lol. Fabulous card! xx

  9. Woah! Amazing how talented, to be so well thought out and achieve this brilliant result, phew, I am knocked out, especially with no help from a very gorgeous puss! Well done :D x

  10. Wow, great work and in such short time! By the way, your PEST is a beautiful pest :)

  11. Amazing that you could produce such a beautiful card in 10 minutes

  12. I'm missing words. Only 10 minutes or less. Your cards looks fantastic. Love this birdie :)

  13. Saw this challenge on Keren Baker's blog and had a go, just missed the deadline by a few seconds, posted the link on Keren's Blog, really enjoyed taking part.

    Your card is amazing, loving all the colours and the birdie with crown is awesome :-) x

  14. Fabulous card, 10 mins, I've no chance! Loving the new blog name as well Donna! Ruth x


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