Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tutorial - Using Fun Foam as a Stamp

Hello everyone,

Today I'm going to show you how to take a piece of cheap fun foam,a stencil and a little block of wood and turn it all into a stamp that would be ideal for background stamping. Of course,don't forget that fun foam can also be used to die cut a shape out and then use that as a stamp but I thought I'd show you that you don't have to limit yourself to just that.

Gather all your supplies together. I've used just the 2mm thick fun foam for this but any thickness will do. I suggest that you choose a stencil with a 'solid' image on so you can cut the form out in one piece rather then several little pieces,this makes stamping easier and clearer.

supplies,yes this is all you need

I picked a crafters workshop stencil for this as the images are not too intricate to cut out. I found just a plain black ballpoint pen is ideal for tracing the image onto the fun foam.
select your image,trace with pen

This is what you should have after removing the stencil,your image ready for cutting out.
nice and clear

Cut carefully around your image,as the foam is so thin it cuts really easily.
one little gingko fun foam leaf!

For mounting these foam images,I just use some glue dot pads but you can use anything that will adhere to the foam and wood...experiement and see what suits you but I find this method works well for me.
all ready for mounting

This is the back of the foam image covered in glue dot pads,nice and sticky.
ready to be stuck down on the wooden block

Any old block of wood will lovely other half kindly cut some for me the other week. The beauty of this is that you can also stick a foam stamp on either side :)
ah,all ready for inking up 

Now you can ink your newly created stamp up! You can use absolutely any ink you want or even paint,gesso anything! I do suggest however that whatever you use make sure its quite juicy as the foam does absorb a little bit of what you put on it.
wow,what a bright green!
Here's the finished tag. I've kept it plain for you so that you can see how clear the stamp has printed. Lovely gingko leaves!
tag all ready for more arty stuff 

Lastly, I am sharing a journal page that shows some of the foam stamps I've used along with some of my mounted stamps. There are other stamps on the reverse of these wooden blocks.
journal page still to be completed.

You can of course cut any shape out and use it,doesn't have to be just from a stencil. Sometimes you might have a favourite part of a stencil that you just want to use separately. I just think this is a great idea just for filling up your backgrounds of journal pages,tags etc. Its quick,cheap,easy...whats not to like!

Hope you found this useful in some way.any questions just leave me a comment and I'll happily help.

Donna x


  1. love this idea you've achieved great results need to have a try at this one
    Amanda X

  2. Wow clever you I am going to get me som fun foam and try

  3. Such a great idea, you made wonderful stamps and what a great tutorial!

  4. A super idea for easily making stamps! And a great tut ta boot! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  5. Fantastic tutorial! i MUST try this! I need to get some fun foam... the only one I have is glittered... Thank you for the detailed tutorial! I love the idea of using a die or a stencil! Brilliant! xx

  6. Great idea Donna... Must give it a go, well get some fun foam too! Xx

  7. Very creative Donna and another fab tutorial! Feel I've caught up now...Hugs Ruth x

  8. I like to use my bigz dies to cut their shapes out using foam, they work so well, never tried this way Donna, will try this though very soon. Great inspiration as always :-) xxx

  9. Love your demo, mounting with foam strips is a brilliant idea. I'm also kind of partial to your Arty Director (mine's not so helpful).


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