Friday, 21 November 2014

Yay....Arty Director has chosen.....

Hello everyone again,

At last,the Arty Director has awoken from her long beauty sleep and has chosen the winner of the card:

So, there you have it at last!

Congrats to Julie,you have a weird little card for your wall :)

I shall have another little draw next month for something Christmas related,so stay tuned as they say.

Right,I'm off to make something now

Donna x


  1. Well done arty director - brilliant technique - what a clever cat. Frankie would have eaten them probably. Fab photos too!!! xx

  2. You brought a smile to your draw, hope Julie enjoys her card:-) xxx

  3. Not that much a clever cat, she didn't pick me!! Congrats to Julie
    Amanda x

  4. Thanks so much Saffie for choosing my name. Can't wait to get your mum's card to display in my craft room. So chuffed it's coming my way.
    Julie x

  5. Lucky Julie, can't wait for the next draw, hope you have a wonderful creative weekend, ((( BIG HUGS )))...


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