Sunday, 27 July 2014

A little sharing

Hi everyone,

Hope no-one has melted in this heat in the UK.....or more importantly let's hope none of our art supplies have melted eh?!

I think I have developed a major problem. I may have mentioned it before,it's called 'looking at blogs and seeing stuff that I then want....and get' syndrome. Maybe there should be a self help group set up called 'Addicted Crafters Anonymous' to help poor saps like me! Seriously,some of these things I never knew existed until I see them on blogs,then I think,ooh that's lovely,must get that! Maybe I should be made to sit with the heat gun on for 5 minutes in this heat as punishment :)

Anyway,thought I would share with you today a couple of tags that winged their way to Germany and  
America,can't believe how the tags arrived at exactly the same time! One was for Silvia and the other was for Annie.

Firstly,this is the brilliant artwork I received from these 2 wonderfully talented ladies

Obviously had to blot out my address in case there are any mad stalkers out there lol. I think Silvia has started off my love of all things Stampotique now....have 3 stamps on order so you have been warned,my art is all set to become a little wacky!

And these are the tags that I made for them

This is what I love about craft blogging. No barriers with language,cultures,age,race or distance. We all love the same thing and appreciate each other's work. I even get great enjoyment if someone that follows me or I follow wins something,one big happy crafty family!

Phew,sorry long post,didn't mean it to be!

Take care everyone

Donna x


  1. Hi Donna!
    These tags are great, you are all a talented bunch! I'm looking forward to your 'wacky' (love the word :)) creations! I always get excited when you post something!
    Btw.. Email away! Have a great day!
    Ingrid x

  2. The same to me as to Ingrid Kristina... I love to visit you and I love your style to write and your fabulous artwork .
    Yes sometimes we want to have more thing as we can ever use ..
    in german we call such people

    Jäger und Sammler - hunters and gatherers
    (Before the evolution of agricultural communities, humans lived as
    hunters and gatherers
    and sustained mainly on fruits, vegetables, roots,)
    now they need crafting!

    Have a wonderful Sunday... you made two perfect beutiful tags and the tags you got are fantastic too..
    Wonderful crafty are so right!

    Curious about your upcoming 'wacky' creations !

  3. A very cool trade indeed. Love the mail art envelope. Must be fun for the postman, too. :o)

  4. Yup, as one hunter gatherer to another, I sympathise!! Great swapping in both directions!
    Alison xx

  5. Such great tags you made to swap! Every time I buy new stamps and ink I always think it's all I'm going to need. Then WHAM! I see more I need! LoL

  6. I love your tags. I so want to create pieces of art like this but I seem to be stuck in single media style! I know what you mean about craft supplies - there is always something that I need!!

  7. Definitely melting weather Donna and crafty projects are drying so quickly which is a challenge. I agree re self help stash group, it's a horrible addiction this crafty life 😀! I love the the tags you received and I love the tags you sent, it's such. A lovely thing to do swaps.

  8. Blogger playing up for me....have a lovely evening x

  9. How wonderful to swap with people; not sure how you arrange that but what a great idea. Lovely projects all round. Nikki xx PS I have recently managed to get my buying addiction under control - my first few months crafting were expensive! LOL

  10. Love your fab tags and both the ones you received, a fab idea to

  11. Fabulous artwork...both given and received.... I do love a crafty swap :) ...and I'll be joining 'Addicted Crafters Anonymous' with you LOL.... there is just far too much temptation out there...where new craft goodies are concerned!! :O Jan x

  12. Yes, I'm sure we all are hunters and gatherers. I'm so happy that we met us in blogland :) and loved our swap.


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