Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Stamp carving

Hi everyone,

Thought I would share with you all today my stamp carving exploits. Firstly,it's so enjoyable and I would really encourage everyone to have a go. It's not really expensive and you can save a fortune on background type stamps. I have just ordered a Julie Fei Fan Balzer book also on stamp carving,so hopefully that will provide some more tips and ideas :)

All I would say is start simple until you get the hang of it and know when to stop! It it looks finished and okay,then leave it!

First picture,modelled by my able assistant Saffie,is the starter kit I am using....not sure she was particularly happy in this picture :)

And here you can see a couple of backgrounds I have made with the stamps and the stamps of course.

I particularly like the Ellen Vargo inspired one on the left.

I hope you like it and it's maybe encouraged you to try it out :)

Donna x


  1. I've always fancied having a go at carving my own've carved some great ones Donna.. and how cool is that little bird.. they make fab backgrounds...Mmmm, may just have to put a little carving kit on my birthday list ;) Thanks for the inspiration x

  2. Brilliant, this is on my 'to do' list! I really fancy having a go.

  3. Ooh how clever,love what you have done here,can't wait to see them on a

  4. Your stamps turned out just fab Donna..great designs....
    I now have seen that my online art store also sells the right rubber now I will order that also .. I just have some plates with cardboard underneath meant more for linocut printing.

    It's a wonderful feeling to make art with our own designs... awesome, isn't it`?
    I adore your beautiful Saffie ! I had a Siamese cat ( Maxi ) and an Oriental blue ( Felix) for nearly 20 years. But now we have two Ridgebacks and I don't want to have a cat because two streets with trafiic meet here in front of our home and I don't want to keep a cat only indoor here countryside.

  5. Hi Donna! These are great! It looks like you had a blast making them. Brilliant stamping, can't wait to see them in action ;)
    I might have a go myself one day ;) thank you for the brilliant inspiration.
    P.s.: this is he best looking model I have seen for some time ;) gorgeous! Xxx

  6. Fantastic results - your self carved stamps turned out great. Looking forward to see what you'll create with them.

  7. Wow - look at that... fabulous work - can see why you're addicted! Sorry, very bad visitor at the moment, but aim to do some catching up over the weekend!
    Alison xx

  8. Great job Donna! Your carved stamps look so professional and look as though they stamp out beautifully too. Your able assistant is lovely, she looks as though she's in a supervisory role there lol xx

  9. You are going to have so much fun with these... LOVE them all... especially the poppy one... and the bird.. I also love to do leaves, as I do so many flowers... weird huh??? that is just me... have fun making more and more stamps... get some more pink sheets... I usually buy a few so I have extra... LOve, Light and peace...Bonnie


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