Monday, 28 July 2014

Just make it yourself

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments lately,a big group hug to you all! Susi,I love your hunter and gatherer comment re collecting craft supplies,brilliant!

Today over at Simon stamp Monday challenge here,they want us to be inspired by anything with the letter J however you want to interpret it. Hmmm I thought of all the obvious ones but thought hey let's be a little bit off the wall with this one and choose J for Just. As you know,I have been making a few of my own supplies lately,so on Saturday I was sitting there with a blank tag,thinking of what to make and hating all my stamps ( as you do occasionally ) then I thought,just make something yourself! So everything on this tag has been hand drawn and the words are from a stencil I made myself. Does all this make sense?!

Various colour sprays,gesso stamped circles using a toilet roll,metallic decoart paint for the lettering,posca pens in black and white,black micron pen.

I really must buy a journal,then I can just doodle to my hearts content :)

Hope you like it

Donna x


  1. Great interpretation of the J theme Donna. Love your 'doodles' and background - great work. Nikki xx

  2. Wow..this flowers by Donna are JUST awesome.. a fab tag is this...
    I ask you if you really need to buy any stamp in future since you are such a talented rubberstamp- designer and doodler...

    Donna - you don't have to buy a journal - you can make your own out of an old book.. my best pages are all in my altered books.. I think that is because there is even a first (given) layer of text under the gesso...
    if this is a possibility for you , you may read my post about my way to do this

    I can highly recommend this also because one journal . you will realize this in a short time you do it, is not enough, if you enjoy journaling you will have more than one..because there is much dry time in between the layers and so it's handy to have more than one to work with. I create also many loose pages on a good Mixed Media or Watercolor paper- you can bind it or put the pages in a big office binder...or you can recyle old cardboard from packages - and cut it to your desired format - glued with scrappapers or selfmade papers is this a wonderful cheap ground for Journaling
    Happy new week Donna!
    Nice that you liked my comment ....♥♥♥
    think you have the same sense of humor!

  3. Hi Donna! Wow, your design is amazing! Great flowers and doodling! Art journaling is great fun, in fact that's my plan for this challenge... Good luck with the challenge!
    Have a fab day! Xxx

  4. clever interpretation of the challenge your doodley flowers.... you will have lots of fun creating in a journal! Jan x

  5. Love your tag Donna,very well

  6. This just loves fabulous Donna and I like the idea that you have created it by all your own creativity. Fabulous imagery and great words
    x catherine

  7. Wow Donna, you're a clever lady! Yous should design stamps! This is beautiful!!

  8. I certainly admire your ability to take on all the challenges you do. Someone tells me what to do and suddenly I'm dead in the water. I love how you were able to think outside the box on this one!

  9. That's a great tag and with a gorgeous background. Love the color scheme. And yes, you don't need to buy a journal, make one by yourself, that's lot of fun.

  10. Hi Lovely! Sorry I'm coming over so late! I've been saving this comment for when I have a moment to myself!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments, I'm so glad you share my opinion. I think it's important that we all remember that our arts and crafts are unique and that we keep it that way otherwise it would be a very boring craft blogging world.
    You do have a style and what an amazing and unique style it is!! I love your art, I look forward to your posts every day because I know I will get to see something totally wonderful! You impress me every day! Can't wait to see your next artwork, I already know it will be superb! Have a good night! Speak soon!
    Ingrid xxx

  11. totally fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing this at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!!! - Ashli :)


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